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Shooting Holy Grail timelapses in Paris, France.

Shooting Holy Grail timelapses in Paris, France.


What is a timelapse?

Timelapse Photography is an unique and original way to see the world around us. It shows the world at a fast pace while revealing the rhythm and pulse of cities and landscapes..

To shoot a great timelapse videos, I need to create the perfect balance between my composition, the settings I am using, the interval and the color correction I apply on the final pictures.


Why would you need a timelapse?

Timelapse videos are used in different types of productions, like documentaries, music videos, TV shows (House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Real Rob), commercial, movies or simply as background in TV production or musical/sports events. They add an artistic value to the project.


What can I do for you?

After 7 years shooting timelapse and hyperlapse videos, I can now shoot anything that you desire. I am able to create 

- Sliding/Panning/Tilting timelapse videos

- Holy Grail Day to Night or Night to Day timelapse videos

- Sunrise/Sunset timelapse videos

- Hyperlapse videos (Standard, Dolly Zoom and Holy Grail)

- Aerial and Rooftop timelapse videos

- Special Events or News timelapse videos

- Standard Day to Day or Night to Night timelapse videos

Any timelapse videos can be shot in HD resolution and up to 6K. However, the best resolution out there is 4K+ 4096x2304. This is very sharp and perfect for any kind of videos, from small documentaries to feature films shown on a big screen.


Shooting Holy Grail timelapse from Griffith Park, California.

Shooting Holy Grail timelapse from Griffith Park, California.

Need some timelapses?

You found your guy! Now, contact me at emerictimelapse@gmail.com or using the contact form on this website so we can discuss about your needs. I am looking forward to working with you!

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