Understanding licensing…

When you purchase a license for a timelapse or hyperlapse on this website, you agree to the terms and conditions.

In order to understand more about what you can and cannot do with the clips, I decided to write a Licensing Info page.

Editorial vs Non-Editorial

When you purchase a timelapse on this website, you get what we call a non-exclusive license to use it in your project. You are able to use it for commercial purposes unless you see the mention “Editorial Only” on the item page. If you want an exclusive use license, please contact me.

Editorial content is any item that we don’t have legal release to license for commercial purposes. It can include a person without a release form, a trademarked logo or service mark, it portrays something else that is trademarked (art, architecture etc) or it was taken on private or trademarked property.

Images and footage marked as “Editorial Use Only” are made for use in stories or articles about newsworthy events or items of public interest. This type of content cannot be used for any kind of commercial purpose. You can use them in news articles, non-fiction books, documentaries and other newsworthy purposes.

You cannot use them in advertisement, merchandise, product packaging and any other commercial/promotional use.

Royalty-Free License

When you buy a license on this website, you can

  • Use the clip in one (1) project

  • Distribute the project worldwide

    • with no time limit

    • with no limit in the number of copy or volume sold

    • royalty-free

  • Credit “Emeric Le Bars” as Timelapse Photographer

One project can include several videos (TV series, company advertising campaign etc...) and different platforms (Streaming, Facebook, Youtube, Website, TV etc…). Each use of the licensed clip has to fall under the same project title if you don’t want to purchase a second license.

Royalty-free license means that you do not need to pay Emeric’s Timelapse royalties or license fees for each use, each copy or volume sold. It’s a one time fee.

When you buy a license on this website, you cannot

  • Use the clip in two (2) separate projects. You need to purchase one license per project title.

  • Re-sell or share the clip individually, it must be included in a project.

If you have any questions about licensing or use of this website, please read the FAQ or contact me.