For the past 5 years, Emeric's Timelapse has been used in some big video productions from the biggest company on the planet. Google, Netflix, Red Bull, Microsoft and even Converse to name a few. On this page, you will find Emeric's Timelapse work in the News, Television and other medias.


On September the 2nd 2017, Los Angeles was hit by a crazy wildfire called La Tuna, which is located only a few miles from where I live in Burbank. When I heard about it (and saw the smoke from my window), I decided to go outside and shoot a few timelapses. I never thought that my clips would end up on BBC News, The Time, AP, Curbed LA and BuzzFeed. They were also seen on ABC News and RMC in France. 

BBC News was the first to contact me after I uploaded my timelapse videos on Youtube. The video had only 400 views or so at that time. See the full article.

I came across this video after someone who was following me on Instagram shared it. They recognized my work and sent me the link then, The Time got my footage through the Associated Press. 

Google Year in Search (2016)

What's better than ending the year of 2016 with (probably) the biggest company in the world using my SuperMoon timelapse?

Google purchased a few seconds of my SuperMoon timelapse to put in their famous yearly video "Year In Search". What was even more surprising was the thumbnail and the cover photo on their Youtube and Twitter, it was also my SuperMoon photo.


On the left, Google Youtube Channel. On the right, Google Twitter account. You can see their cover photos!

Nike's Converse Counter Climate Campaign (2017)

Converse, the famous brand of shoes, belongs to Nike, a giant in the clothing and shoe industry. They needed a timelapse with bad weather in it to promote the Chuck Taylor All Star II Rubber, part of the Counter Climate.

That's good that they came across my work on Youtube, because they ended up using one of my Los Angeles Thunderstorm timelapse. Check this out!

OUE Skyspace Los Angeles (2017)

OUE Skypsace Los Angeles opened a new observation deck at the top of the highest building in Downtown Los Angeles, the US Bank Tower. I worked with them before the opening back in 2016 to create some amazing timelapse videos of the view that the observatory offers.

You can see my timelapse work on the official OUE Skyspace LA website.

Curbed LA Website Video (2017)

Curbed LA is a very popular website that talks about housing, cities and everything related to the way of life in the city. 

They used a couple of my Los Angeles timelapses, one day to night of the Griffith Observatory and another one of the famous Santa Monica Pier. The funniest part in this, is that I came across this video randomly on Twitter and saw my work in it! This is always a good feeling!

LA Lakers in NBA 2K17 (2017)

NBA 2K is a huge franchise of basketball video games. While I was playing with my brother back in France, I noticed timelapse in the players. So for fun, I chose the LA Lakers to see if they used one of mine. And yes, they did!

I filmed it with my phone so it's not the best quality ever but it allows you to see it.

Budweiser Made in America 2014 (2014)

The first time I found my work in the wild was with this video. I usually never watch commercials before Youtube videos, but this one was cool so I watched it.

And I am glad I did, or I would have missed it. They used 2 of my Los Angeles timelapses to promote the famous music festival Made in America sponsored by Jay-Z

France 2 JT de 20 heures (2017)

France 2 is one of the biggest TV station in France (popularity wise, I would compare it to CNN in the US). The JT de 20 heures, a 30 min daily news show (at 8pm) used two of my timelapse videos of New York City to illustrate a short documentary about the city.

The JT de 20 heures has millions of viewers every single day, and they probably don't even know that it's a French guy who shot those timelapse videos!

Telecinco News Spanish TV Channel (2017)

After France 2, time for a Spanish TV station to use my work in the News. That time, it was for a short documentary about the Perseid Meteor Shower, a yearly event. 

Back in 2016, I went to Joshua Tree National Park to shoot some of the Meteor Shower, and they used those footage to illustrate the video.

Most of my work isn't made public or I don't know who purchased it. It doesn't mean it's not somewhere out there. Over the past 5 years, I have sold my timelapses in more than 80 countries on the 5 continents. It's a mix of hard work, quality and quantity!

 Each colored country means that one or more client purchased my timelapse and hyperlapse work for their project. (Last update August 2017)

Each colored country means that one or more client purchased my timelapse and hyperlapse work for their project. (Last update August 2017)