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With the Complete Pack, get all Emeric’s Timelapse classes for 30% OFF! More than 15 hours of lessons and 77 videos, with tons of free content, to learn how to create breathtaking timelapse and hyperlapse videos!

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New York City (New Clips!)

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They love Emeric's Timelapse

Emeric’s footage really stands out; he knows how to frame shots in a way that connect with the viewer and visually pop. Even better, he’s personable, quick to respond, and easy to work with. I appreciate the quality and professionalism he brings to his work.
— Zach Bernstein, Director, Content Acquisition, Storyblocks.com
Emeric is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s patient and kind and ensures client satisfaction through creating a fun, easygoing and collaborative environment. His acute attention to detail is undeniable in his work ethic. His ability to produce beautiful timelapse and hyperlapse videos again and again is a testament to his unique talent.
— Bernadette Sayre, Actress & Producer (Los Angeles, CA)
When I looked at Emeric’s timelapse, it was so breathtaking that I couldn’t stop watching one after the other. It elicited a strong emotional response. A clever mix of great lights, perfect framing and music. They inspired me to travel even more.
— Serge Ramelli, Photographer (www.photoserge.com)
Emeric killed it on a day-to-night timelapse! It was beautiful, and most importantly, it was perfectly exposed with no flickering. It was the first time working with him but it was like we had worked together for years. He did all that I asked in a professional manner. I can’t wait to work with him again!
— Kanin Howell, CEO Drone 55, Inc.
Emeric was from beginning to end a pleasure to work with. His time lapse video was an essential addition to the Los Angeles Pavilion at the Bordeaux Wine Festival. The looped video was projected onto an oblong balloon “screen” which provided some 500,000+ festival visitors with an intriguing visual experience of LA’s cityscape and cultural offerings. We are proud to have presented Emeric’s work as he truly embodies LA’s impetus for beauty and creativity.
— Jane Shim, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board
Fantastic video quality and love that this photographer is so LA-Centric which we haven’t found enough of. Video worked fantastic in a variety of settings and applications and the artist was easy to work with and flexible in meeting our design needs. Look forward to using and seeing more from Emeric!
— Arianna Barrios, Communications LAB (Orange County, CA)