What is EmericTimelapse.com?

EmericTimelapse.com is a website created by Emeric Le Bars (www.emericlebars.com) that sells high definition HD and 4K+ Timelapse Videos from all around the United-States.


How do I purchase a Timelapse?

Select the desired location or search for a specific location, city,  landmark, index number or video format using the search tool at the top or bottom of the page. Add to the cart every timelapse videos that you would like to purchase.


How can I pay?

You can pay using Paypal, Apple Pay or any kind of credit and debit cards.

All prices are in USD (United-States Dollars)

Note: Every payment is secured by SquareSpace, Paypal and Stripe for credit and debit cards. There is no personal information transfert between the customer and Emeric's Timelapse beside email address, phone number and physical address for billing. Visit our Privacy Policy for more information.


How can I download a preview video to try it in my project?

It's very easy. Under each Preview Video you will see a DOWNLOAD PREVIEW VIDEO button. Click on it. It will open a Google Drive link. Then click on the down arrow at the top right corner. You will now have a MP4 watermarked HD preview video in your download folder on your computer. That allows you to try it in your project and see if it fits. If you like it, purchase a license!


How do I download what I purchased? 

After payment you will receive a PDF file with a download link to Google Drive. Click on the link or paste it into your browser and download the clip using the down arrow at the top right corner of you screen.

Note: You have 24 hours from the time of purchase to download the clip before the link expires.


What kind of licensing are you selling?

When you purchase a timelapse video on this website, you own the clip and can use it in one (1) project, worldwide with no time limit. This is royalty-free. Please read our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

If you need the clip for two projects, just purchase two licenses. You can also buy an extended license and use the clip in an unlimited number of projects, contact me at emerictimelapse@gmail.com


> If you would like to credit my name in your project, please use the following <

Timelapse Photography - Emeric Le Bars


What dimensions and formats are the Timelapses?

Each timelapse video is available in HD (1920x1080), 4K (3840x2160) or 4K+ (4096x2304). 

All the timelapses are ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 HQ which is a Quicktime .mov codec. The Frame Per Second (FPS) depends of each timelapse. Most of them are 29.97 but some older ones are 24 or 25 FPS.

The Preview Videos are in HD only.


Why are prices different from one clip to another?

Prices vary from one timelapse video to another for 3 different reasons:

  1. Dimensions: HD clips are cheaper than 4K and 4K+ because they are smaller in size. 4K videos are way sharper and with an overall better quality. That's why they are more expensive.

  2. Time: Some timelapse videos took me more time to create than others, that why they are more expensive. This is the case for day to night timelapses.

  3. Rarity: Some clips are very rare and so they are more expensive. This is the case for Los Angeles Thunderstorm, San Diego by Night or Los Angeles SuperMoon for example.

NOTE: Most prices on this website are cheaper than the market price. Based on the marketplaces average price, 4K clips are sold $199 each and HD are sold $79 each. Because I get 100% of the revenue on each sale on this website, I can lower the price and sell them cheaper than the market price (only a few exceptions).


What is the difference between Editorial and Non-Editorial Clips?

An Editorial clip is a clip that contains logos, brands, recognizable faces or any kind of intellectual property. You can purchase the clip without any problem but you can't use it for commercial purposes, only for news and documentaries. If you find a way to remove or blur any of the logos, brands, recognizable faces or intellectual property visible, the clip can become Non-Editorial.

Some clips have already been "Non-Editorial"-ised which means I personally blurred or removed any logos, brands, recognizable faces or intellectual property visible.

Check for the Editorial Sign on the description of each item.

Visit the Licensing Info page for more information about licensing.

I can also do it for you for an extra fee. Contact me to talk!


I saw a Timelapse that I like on your portfolio but I don't see it here!

There are more than 900 clips to upload (1800 with 4K + HD). I am building this website by myself and it can take a looooot of time. If you need a Timelapse you saw on my portfolio and that is not for sale yet, just contact me at emerictimelapse@gmail.com - I accept Paypal and will send a Google Drive link in just minutes once I receive the payment.

> If you have any questions or issues, please contact me at emerictimelapse@gmail.com <