Combo 2 in 1: Timelapse Master Class 2017 + Holy Grail Course Bundle

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Combo 2 in 1: Timelapse Master Class 2017 + Holy Grail Course Bundle

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Duration: 3h50

  • Language: English

  • Videos: 30

  • Level: Beginner - Intermediate

  • The Combo 2 in 1 includes the Timelapse Master Class + Day to Night Holy Grail Timelapse Course with 25% off the total price!

  • Watch it online or download the videos on your computer

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Why a combo? What's the difference between the 2 courses?

The Timelapse Master Class is a global course on timelapse photography in general, going from simple day to day timelapses to astro-timelapses. We indeed talk about Day to Night timelapses in this course but only at a beginner level. It's enough for you to understand how it works. 

In the Holy Grail Course, I give you more information on how to shoot beautiful day to night timelapses and give more details. It's more an intermediate to expert level. I show you how to change the settings in live while shooting and I do the post-production of 3 kind of Holy Grail timelapses.

I can assure you that after watching those 2 complete courses, you will be an expert in Timelapse Photography. You'll know exactly what to do in any given situation!

Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapse Course

The Day to Night Timelapse Course is the best way to learn Holy Grail timelapses. Shooting and editing day to night is not easy because of the exposure change between the day and the night. In this course, I teach you everything you need to know from the pre-production to the post-production. You will learn everything about the settings and how to shoot them on location, but also how to properly edit them using LRTimelapse and Lightroom to end up with a flicker free video.

In this 1 hour and 20 minute course, divided into 13 videos and 3 main parts, I give you so much information on how to shoot, edit and color correct those kind of timelapses to end up with a flicker free video.

You will learn how to create those kind of Holy Grail timelapses

Before you watch this course, you need:

  1. LRTimelapse 4 or 5 (free up to 400 photos)
  2. Adobe Lightroom
  3. After Effects (optional)

Click here to download LRTimelapse 4

Click here to download Adobe Lightroom


If you download this course, you'll get


- 13 instructional videos to learn how to shoot and edit Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapses.

- The 3 final videos for your personnal use

- A Raw sequence of 457 photos of the Downtown Los Angeles Sunset to practice in the same time you are watching the tutorial.

- A personal support in case you have any issues or questions regarding Holy Grail Timelapses.


Video 1 - Introduction (1:24)


In this quick video, I introduce the 3 different parts of this course from the pre-production to the post-production, including the production.



Video 2 - Pre-production (7:15)

The pre-production is very important. You need the correct gear and accessories to shoot a 2 or 3 hours long timelapse. I also explain how to chose a good subject because it has to be interesting from day to night. Knowing when to start a Holy Grail to catch the Golden Hour light is also important and I give you some tips in this video about this matter.


Video 3 - Production (10:40)

The production is probably the most important part in this course. I give you tons of informations about my settings at the beginning, my interval and how to change the settings, what we call the ramping.

I show you live how I change the settings on my Canon 6D.

Video 4 - Intro Post-Production (1:201)

I introduce the 3 types of Holy Grail Timelapses that we are going to edit and color correct using LRTimelapse and Lightroom.

Note: After a SD card issue, I won't be able to work on the timelapse I shot in video 3 "Production". But it's not a big deal, I have plenty of amazing and beautiful day to night timelapses we can use for this tutorial.

Video 5 - Post-Production: NYC Day to Night LRTimelapse (5:34)

In this first post-production video, I show you LRTimelapse and the Holy Grail Wizard. It's an amazing tool to remove the flicker caused by the difference of exposure during the day to night. It's important to know how to use it to get a flicker free timelapse videos at the end.


New York 2.jpg

Video 6 - Post-Production: Colors Correction on Lightroom (10:38)


I import my photos in Lightroom and show you how to get some nice colors and contrast from day to night.

Video 7 - Visual Deflicker (5:56)


I go back to LRTimelapse to create the Visual Preview and use the Visual Deflicker. Sometimes, even after using the Holy Grail Wizard, you can have some flickering left, so it's important to know how to correctly use the Visual Deflicker tool. I teach you how to use it by selecting an area of your timelapse with smooth light transition.

Video 8 - Creating the video from the RAW sequence (8:54)


Our timelapse is now ready to be created. I teach you how to create the final video from your sequence using 2 different ways. The first one using only LRTimelapse and Lightroom and the second one with After Effects.

Video 9 - DTLA Day to Night LRTimelapse and Lightroom (14:12)

Having the sun in your shot change a lot of things. This is why I decided to include the post-production of one of those timelapses where the sun sets in my shot. I had some issues during the shoot because my foreground became very very dark. I am going to show how to fix that using Lightroom to end up with a not too grainy video.


Video 10 - Visual Deflicker (4:04)

One more time, I create the Visual Preview and use the Visual Deflicker of LRTimelapse to remove the remaining flickering.

It's important to know how to use this tool, that's why I am showing you a second time with a different timelapse.


Video 11 - Las Vegas Night to Day LRTimelapse and Lightroom (13:38)

Sunrises are a little different that sunsets. In this video, I show you what settings I used to shoot this beautiful sunrise and why I decided to change only the shutter speed and not the aperture or ISO.

Then we edit it and color correct it using LRTimelapse and Lightroom!

Video 12 - Visual Deflicker (2:01)


Finally, I am using LRTimelapse to do the Visual Deflicker. This time I use the entire image instead of a specific area.


Video 13 - Conclusion: 5 mistakes to avoid (5:59)

In this last video, I am talking about 5 mistakes you should avoid doing during a day to night timelapse. It's based on all the questions and comments I received on Facebook, Youtube and Instragram about those kind of timelapses.


In this timelapse master class you are going to learn a lot of things about timelapse photography.

We are covering every type of timelapse, from day to day to milky way timelapses. We are also teaching you how to create amazing and beautiful day to night "Holy Grail" timelapses where you have to change the settings while the camera is taking the pictures. Night to night timelapses are also included in this course. The last tutorial teaches you how to use a Revolve Camera motorized slider to create amazing motion controlled timelapse.

I am hosting the entire course with the famous photographer Serge Ramelli (

We are giving you one timelapse raw sequence for the Milky Way tutorial, so you can practice at home if you don't have access to an area to shoot the Milky Way! 


Section 1 - Day to Day Timelapse

      1. Introduction Timelapse Master Class (4:27)

In this course we introduce the master class and what we are going to do and talk about sets up for a classic day to day timelapse.

      2. Introduction to LRTimelapse Day to Day - Part 1 (8:43)

In this first video we are going to discover the workflow using the software called LRTimelapse, how to import the pictures in the program and how to color correct our timelapse.

      3. Introduction to LRTimelapse Day to Day - Part 2 (8:12)

In this video we continue to explore LRTimelapse and how it works with Lightroom to retouch our day to day timelapse.

      4. Introduction to LRTimelapse Day to Day - Part 3 (6:16)

We finally export the day to day timelapse, create the video from the sequence and stabilize it with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Section 2 - Day to Night Timelapse

      5. Introduction to the Day to Night Timelapse (3:06)

Here is a quick intro of the art of day to night timelapse, also called "Holy Grail". It is harder as you have to change your camera settings as you go, but Emeric has some really cool tricks on that!

      6. Post-processing the Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapse - Part 1 (18:51)

We are opening our raw files into LRTimelapse and start retouching the first key framed photos.

      7. Post-processing the Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapse - Part 2 (5:45)

We create the transitions in LRTimelapse and start exporting the raw sequence to create the video.

      8. Post-processing the Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapse - Part 3 (1:42)

We export and watch the final result of the hardest art form of timelapse.

Section 3 - Night to Night Timelapse

      9. Introduction and post-processing night to night Timelapse (11:09)

Cityscapes and city lights are beautiful subjects for timelapse photography. We take you to San Diego, California for a powerful and colorful night timelapse.

Section 4 - Astrophotography Timelapse (Free raw files!)

      10. Introduction to Milky Way Timelapses (8:08)

In this video we go over the settings for doing Astrophotography timelapses.

      11. Post-processing the Milky Way Timelapse - Part 1 (12:05)

We start importing and retouching our raw files. Each photo is a 30 seconds exposure and needs a precise editing.

      12. Post-processing the Milky Way Timelapse - Part 1 (5:55)

We go back to LRTimelapse to create our transitions, check the visual previews and export ou JPG to create the final timelapse video.

Section 5 - Motion Controlled Timelapse

      13. Introduction to Motion Controlled Timelapse (11:25)

In this video we show you how to use a really cool slider from Revolve Camera to create movement while you shoot your timelapse, adding an extra drama effects. This is called Motion Controlled Timelapse.

      14. Post-processing the Motion Controlled Timelapse (8:45)

We work on our first timelapse shot with the Revolve Slider and learn how to retouch it and show you more examples of Motion Controlled timelapses that Emeric shot with the slider.

Section 6 - Bonus Videos

      15. Deflickering a Timelapse (8:14)

Deflickering your timelapse is key and flickering car ruin your work. We show you the various options that LRTimelapse offers to remove this flickering from your timelapse.

      16. Stabilizing a Timelapse with After Effects Tracking (19:27)

In this video, we show you a more advanced way to stabilize your timelapse if the Warp Stabilizer effect didn't do a good job. This time we are using the Tracking Mode in After Effects.

      17. Final Words (0:44)

It's time to say good bye and thank you for following our adventures! See you soon! 

Thank you so much for watching this course, feel free to contact me if you have any issues or questions.